Friday, March 16, 2007

Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Sweet Memories

The real of love is friendship.Thats may be true.with friendship everything we have .Live more beautifull and exiting.Friends....smetimes you make me sad n happy.thats live,with this I realize that we need other people in tis world to share to accompany to play and enjoy live.I believe everyone in this world/earth has memories about their beautifull friendship.Unforgatable...

Girl with girl,boy with boy or girl with girl.Its no problem to make a friendship.There is no commitment seriously,just trust each other and responsibly,honesty with what they have done.A good friend not always say "yes" to make us happy but sometimes he braves to say "no"if we re wrong.He always cares n try to make right wayfor us.He /she never ask for paying.He doing everything with their deep heart."NO PAYMENT"

He always cares in any condition.Not Only When We're happy but in sad condition he always acompany us.She /he never leaves us when we are down,Thatstrue friend.We know,and its always happend.Some one come to us when we're succes but we dont have anything there is no one cares about us.Thats the fact.So its difficult to find the real true friend.But I say thanks to the god coz I have Got it.I have consider him like my family.We have so beautifull friendship until now.Although we are in the different place but we are so close.Heart never change to trust each other.Good praying to each other.

Hope happy n succes to usFor you my close friend,good luck.Nothing to lose.Everycloud has silver lining in this world.FRIENDSHIP NEVER DIES FOREVER IN PEACE.....I LOVE YOU ALL.

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