Sunday, March 11, 2007

Be Wiseman With Patiently

Tearfull and sobbing are look like the same things, but they have different meaning someone looks so tearfull when they’re crying but sometimes crying mean happiness for many people. Sobbing can happened when someone get something that make them affected not only in sad condition someone look crying.

The long journey of live that happened with someone in this world have different story but off course they have a same purpose.That are successful and happiness. Sad and happy be friend for them that spend and enjoy for live. Some times we can’t share to other what we feel, we just can keep all by our self. Hide in the deep heart without anyone knows. I always smile although my heart sad and crush.Coz live must go on man.

With patiently we can be wise man, although must cry in the darkness it can make me feel better to think what’s next step must I do for tomorrow. ”Learning by Doing” that I do day by day. Hard life in the big city like Jakarta gave me many experience. I can feel something that I never feel before.From that I always be careful when I made decision Not to be in hurry, slow but sure. Many character I find here, in this capital of Indonesia.I trust to my self that if I could live here without money by my parent, but I could get money from my own self so I trust that wherever place I stay I could live.I will never dies, except God take me from this world. But as long as I still be my self (I still have brain to think , health body to do something and friends, I am really sure that I could do everything well.

So for all of you, trust me that you could do the best for your live.Dont be afraid your mistake in the first step to be right. Do it now or never. Don’t be afraid to try something that make your live more better than before. Trust me that Every Cloud Has Silver Lining Your tears that fall down from your eyes will never useless. You ‘ll get happiness if you sure with your life.Let’s Gones Be by Gones, look at the future. Sadness in your life just process and spicy. All of them depend on you how to manage don’t ever that problem reins your life but it’s better the other way.You will be happiness man if you really can enjoy your life. Life just once time, spend your time for something useful. There is no body perfect in this world but we can do the best. Ok guys I hope my experience that I have could make inspiration to others how to manage your life. Nothing to Lose ………..

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