Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Best Day

My Weddings'
October 15,2008

Finally the best day come for me."I GET MARRIED"Oh God ,I dont believe it but its true.After I must wait for long long time.He really come to me and ask for me to be his wife.Thanks god for your bless.For all my friends and family for the support.I really really happy now.Hope I can feel it till The end of the world with him.I married with some one who really love n care of me very much.

Although I must far with my family separate with the ocean but I have dream and feel sure that I can do the best for my live with him.start from my wedding.I can wait for about 7 years so I think We can do that more than that be more adult..God bless us honey...


Rey said...

Hey... aku udah luamaaaa banget gak mampir sini. Tiba2 tadi ngeklik, eehhh ada kabar gembira. Selamat yaa...!! semoga langgeng dan bahagia selalu... :))

emanrais said...

Congratulation for a happy wedding served for Tuning and Roy (cmiiw). May God Bless us, so we can see at to each other again like the past in the warnet Raisson at Jl Kebon Kacang Jakarta, believed in 2005.

Nowaday abah Eman (known as Abah Gaby in live in Sentul Bogor.

Be happy, always and have to, with all best regards and wishes.