Friday, December 1, 2006



Love Is Blind? Is It True? Only Part Of Human Can Answer This Question. First Of All What’s Love? There Is No One Can Explain But We Can Fell It So Deeply. Love Can Make Some One Fell Happy And Sad. It So Crazy Sometimes We Made. There Is No Limited Talking About Love…AnR What’s That? It’s Something So Worth That We Have, Only Us Know The Meaning Of That Word. Many Memories Save In That Word. So Beautifull Memories That We Have, Learn To Us How To Love Some One With The Deep Heart In Any Where, Time And Place.I Know Him In A Condition,Time2 Ago. Exactly In 2001.We Made Aquaintance From My Friend. It’s So Beautifull Memories That Ever I Have. I Lived In Bali For About 3 Months, Our Love Start From Here.We Have Made Decision And Ready To The Risk Effect Cause We Realised That We Re From Different Culture, Custom And Religion. But We Trust Of The God That Every thing Will Be Fine. We Are In The Different Place And We Meet Each Other Once Time In 9 Months. It’s Happend For About 4 Years. Could You Imagine When We Miss Each Other? It’s So Hard And Sad Moment But We Can Handle It Cause We Trust Each Other. We Believe That Our Love Will Come In The Best Time And Together For Ever And A Day. The Biggest Of Love. Sorrow And Happiness Always Follow Our Story. I Meet Him On The Second When I Came For Our Promised In The Different Year.And I Saw Him Still Keep Our Promised, Alone Wait My Coming. Wait His Love Come True, I Proud Of Him. Its So Rare Long Distance Can Be Success. We Realized That We Really Love Each Other. Our Love More Bigger Than Before. We Sure This Is The Best That God Given To Us. Now We Together In The Same Place After We Must A Part In The Long Time. We Hope We Can Together Until The Time Is Through. The Result Of Long Waiting In Many Years.. Many Story. The Endding Of Our Story Now We Are Happy. So Trust Your Self, Don’t Be Afraid If You Love Some One. Long Distance Don’t Be Your Problem. As Long As You Trust Your Partner And Love.We Re Together To Arrange New Live For Our Future. We Ready To Be Up Against Difficulties That Will Come. We Have Found True Love Story From This Moment. It Has Deep Meaning For Us To step better And better.Thank’s For God” For Everything”24 September 2006(16.00)

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emanrais said...

Wow, what a diary. Congratulation to Tuning & Roy of being grow together. Abah love both of you in a tender couplematch. Anythings may happened but the show must go on. These are such only life. Many thanks for being my apreciated friend.